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“If pop has eaten itself, then this is what happens when it goes to the toilet.”

“I suppose you could make some kind of case for Rank's work being a cultural critique of today's karaoke-driven pop idol culture, but I'll leave that to others; I've been too busy laughing. Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Peter Marsh, BBC

CD on v/vm test records

7" split with BBBlood

10" on Hirntrust

7" split on Hirntrust

Net release on Grindcore Karaoke

New CD coming soon on BRK!


Rank Sinatra - I Wanna Know What Love Is - Live Tokyo 2005


Rank Sinatra - Take Me On - Live Osaka Uni 2005



Rank Sinatra - Take Me On- Live in Graz 2009


Rank Sinatra - Live in Scotland 2009



“The relentless noise, walls of sonics and warped vocals tear through the original tracks and transform them into something unique but highly unsettling.”

“The backing tracks are subjected to all manner of sonic indignities so that at times they sound like they're coming from a shortwave radio stuck in a room of malfunctioning fax machines. Listening to it all in one sitting may result in neurological damage.”




"Dressed in bowtie and tails, ponytail, white face-paint and fishnet stockings, the 6 foot tall Australian is a sight to behold, although Rank is more likely to be found writhing around the floor wrapped in microphone cable than nonchalantly leaning against a piano."