“rank sinatra - genius or bloody-minded fool. or both. depending on perception. I found his 45 minute (?) cover of eternal flame strangely poignant and far more emotionally accurate than the original, as well as the most hilarious thing I've seen at the arts centre so far.”




























“Rank gave us our prettiest lullabies and ...last christmas, I gave him my heart! “
Bobsleigh, Brussels , Belgium



























































Posted by SmurfGGM on 27-11-04 02:07 PM:

What a night !!!

Didnt get home till 4, had to drive to work at 7, mangled.

Rainbow Ejaculation on first, playing a mashup of IDM / breaks / gabba with mental speeded up pop samples, like Take On Me, Rainbow HighIn The Sky. Amazing likes !!

had a chick DJ on next, also from Australia who had come up, forget her DJ name but she was amazing aswell. Full on 300 BPM speedcore !!

Rank Sinatra next (Rainbow Ejaculation's alter ego). He came down stairs with his mad explosion hair, white face wearing a tuxedo. He was playing 80's pop like Take On Me & sceraming the lyrics down the mike deathmetal style, hilarious. Then he says this one's going out to his mate Christina Augleria and revealed he was wearing stockings and a G-string, hehe. Then sang Beautiful by her. Funny as geese.

Maladroit finsihed off with more speedcore / gabba / breaks / pop / IDM.

Excellent night like. Remarkable turn out aswell !