No frills was a photocopied 'zine that ran from 1998-2003 over 10 sporadic issues.

The zine was a collection of random findings, blatant appropriation and collages.

There was no theme except for a broad (and probably stolen) fist in the air against the hipocracy and tendancy to conform.The way in which the art, images and articles were composed, contextualised and contrasted was the main medium for the message of revolt to be communicated. Some of the inclusions were beauty and truth merely stumbled across, and left "as-is" in their raw unadulterated glory. Others had been subtly altered to express some idea or to expose some inconsistancy or humourous possibility. Most hillarious was an almost random "Letters-to-the-Editor" mockery which were a jumble of quotes from the personal correspondance of 7U? with his friends and cronies.


No Frills was a do-it-yourself guide to mayhem and mischief making, a humerous look at social issues and information on electronic/noise happenings, promoting local gigs and releases.
The final issue came with a CD from people who had supported the zine.






A one off Video zine was also produced.